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With our full range of state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and treatment options, Veterinary
Surgery Center of Sarasota offers the most advanced and comprehensive surgical and
minimally invasive veterinary care for pets.


Veterinary Surgery Center of Sarasota

Veterinary Surgery Center of Sarasota is a 5,500 square foot specialty veterinary clinic dedicated to providing advanced surgical procedures, regenerative medicine, advanced imaging modalities, and physical rehabilitation.

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Leed Inspired Hospital

In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint VSC has implemented energy-efficient lighting, hospital-wide recycling, the use of an oxygen generator, and a water-saving cleaning system to control pathogens.


Fear Free™ Hospital Design

VSC was specifically designed to minimize our patient’s anxiety of being in a veterinary clinic. We have separated dog and cat exam rooms and hospitalization areas, glass kennel doors to reduce cage-induced stress, open exam rooms with toys to distract them, and other personal touches throughout the clinic.


AltroTM Walkway Flooring

We installed a non-slip textured flooring in our patient treatment areas and walkway areas to help our canine patients (especially the older patients) walk with more confidence and prevent slipping.


Patient Monitoring

With the most advanced technology available in patient monitoring equipment, our open-flow treatment area, the use of SmartFlow™ and hospital-wide monitors listing real-time patient info ensures patients can easily be monitored from admission to discharge.


Dedicated Sterility Zone

Our operating theaters and surgery instrument preparation areas are strictly sterile areas of the hospital. They do not double as a dental cleaning suite. They are routinely deep cleaned and disinfected to minimize infection risk; they are even on their own dedicated HVAC zone with special air vents to direct airflow away from the surgery field.


Digital Hospital Records

Paperless patient medical records (exam notes, anesthesia charts, medical images, etc…) are linked digitally and stored to our secure server. This improves safety and security of patient files and helps with ease of transferring records to primary veterinarians.



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