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Records Request


This form is intended for current clients requesting a copy of their pet’s medical chart. This request form will allow our Records Department to process the chart and ensure the chart is ready to be sent to you. The contact information must match client information in order for the chart to be sent or a written release must be sent to our office. Once the request is completed the chart will be emailed. There may be up to a 5-7 business days delay in sending the medical chart due to staff and the veterinarian’s schedules.


    This form is intended for clients requesting a copy of their pet’s radiographs, ultrasound, or CT images. If you would like a copy of the study please fill out the form on the right. Our staff will prepare the images on a disk or process the images to be transmitted electronically. Not all studies can be transmitted electronically due to the file size; some studies may require additional software to be viewed on your home computer. Once the request is completed, we will send the images or a link to the study to you via email. If the images/study cannot be sent electronically, we will notify you that the physical copy is ready. It can take up to 5-7 business days to process the request. If you have not received an email by this time, please email us at