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Veterinary Surgery Center of Sarasota offers a wide array of imaging modalities to help us diagnose your pet’s condition. VSC is one of the only facilities in the Manatee-Sarasota region to offer out-patient imaging to clients.

About Digital Radiography:

Veterinary Surgery Center of Sarasota offers digital radiography (a form of x-ray imaging) which uses a digital image capture device instead of using x-ray film. Compared to conventional radiography, digital radiography is advantageous by reducing costs for the pet owner, reducing the amount of time needed to take the radiographs (which is less stressful on our patients), and reducing radiation used to produce an image. The images produced are immediately available for viewing, editing, and enhancing with editing software to create an even better display quality of the image. Digital radiographs are much easier to view, share, and store long-term which is great for VSC to share our images with our pet owners and their primary veterinarians.

About Diagnostic Ultrasound:

Ultrasound is used at VSC Sarasota as a non-invasive diagnostic tool to see internal body structures and internal organs. The procedure is painless for your pet and requires no anesthesia. The overall goal of ultrasound is often to evaluate the structure and appearance of different organs. Ultrasound images are made by sending sound waves into the tissue. The sound bounces off the tissue at different speeds producing an image (similar to how a fish finder works). Ultrasound is a very useful in many ways. It provides real-time images for the practitioner, and it is safer for your pet and our staff since it does not utilize radiation. Common ultrasound procedures offered at VSC include:

  • Abdominal ultrasound
  • Cervical/Thyroid/Parathyroid ultrasound
  • Musculoskeletal ultrasound (muscles, tendons, ligaments)

About Rigid & Flexible Endoscopy:

Veterinary Surgery Center of Sarasota offers rigid and flexible endoscopy as one of our many tools to diagnose and guide certain treatment procedures. Endoscopy allows us to look inside different areas of the body using an endoscope and camera. VSC has a wide variety of high definition (HD) cameras that collect the digital images which are added to the patient’s medical record. With the use of endoscopy, we are able to take biopsies, remove foreign bodies, evaluate the internal organ surface, and document the disease process.

About Computed Tomography:

Computed tomography (also known as a CT or CAT scan) is a very useful diagnostic tool that produce an image by rotating an x-ray tube around the patient while images are recorded on an array of x-ray detectors. A computer collects and processes the information and creates an image. The cross-sectional images allow us to look at internal organs and bones with better resolution and detail than ultrasound or radiographs (x-rays).

VSC is the only veterinary clinic in the Suncoast area that provides CT imaging on an outpatient basis. If your veterinarian needs a CT they can arrange for your pet to have the procedure performed here and the results are sent to your veterinarian.

About Fluoroscopy Imaging:

Fluoroscopy is a type of medical imaging that shows a continuous X-ray image on a monitor, much like an X-ray movie. During a fluoroscopy procedure, an X-ray beam is passed through the body. The image is transmitted to a monitor so the movement of a body part or of an instrument or contrast agent (“X-ray dye”) through the body can be seen in detail or structures such as bones.

About the PennHip procedure: 

A PennHip procedure is a special set of radiographs (x-rays) performed under heavy sedation to help determine whether a puppy as young as 16 weeks of age is at risk of hip dysplasia. Having a certified veterinarian perform these radiographs can help determine if a puppy has a higher risk of the disease and may benefit from intervention. Additional information is available on the AIS PennHip Website


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