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I am so thankful for Dr. Rose and the staff at VSC. We brought in our 11-year-old with a tumor on her paw that wasn’t able to be removed without the threat of cancer returning. We were so distraught and worried that her life would be cut short. When Dr. Rose told us that amputation was the best option I was horrified. But, Dr. Rose was so reassuring and helped us understand that it was the best thing for her and that she’d be just as happy on three legs as she is on four.  The staff was so good with our little girl while she was in their care. They kept me updated on her status every step of the way. 10 days after surgery she had her stitches taken out and you’d never guess that she’s even aware that she no longer has one of her legs. She’s walking without an issue and hopping on the couch like she always does!  I can’t thank VSC enough for taking care of our fur baby and treating her so well. I will never forget the kindness and support given to me during a very stressful time - to both me and my girl.  Thank you so much!

BandiMom to Bandi

"Harper, our 14-month old Boston Terrier, recently underwent corrective surgery at VSC for a luxating patella. Dr. Rose was referred to us by our local veterinarian, as we sought a second opinion, wistfully hoping to avoid surgery. We could not have chosen better.  We appreciated the time Dr. Rose so unstintingly gave us, both pre and post-operatively. No question or concern was not important enough to deserve a full and complete explanation. From our very first visit and consultation with Dr. Rose to our final discharge from services six weeks later, we experienced a level of warmth, caring, and thorough communication, executed on a high level of professionalism and quality, that was extraordinarily consistent throughout his team. The details of this state-of-the-art facility fully complemented the attention to detail of all aspects of Harper’s care. Dr. Rose's patience in responding to questions, his warmth, and his obvious caring about our concerns for our puppy’s welfare, to say nothing of his winsome smile, immediately won our confidence. At no time did we experience any fear for Harper’s safety or outcomes of her surgery, confident that she was in expert, but good, loving hands. The  “Doctor’s Directions “ for care, which provided a road map for care at home, were congruent with the oral instructions provided by staff. The proverbial “icing on the cake” though, was the ability to speak directly to “Harper’s nurse” on the phone with the minutest concerns post-operatively, and receive a comforting response on how to deal with the issue at hand, or leave a  message on occasion, and receive a timely response. That was truly special. Harper’s full recovery speaks to the success of her surgery. We feel fully confident that Harper received the best care from the best small animal surgeon that Sarasota could provide.  We are truly thankful to Dr. Rose and his team."

Harper BenderMom to Zelda

“Can’t thank the team enough for all their hard work they’ve done! So kind and loving to not only my pooch but all the other animals that walk in the door. Thanks guy! Zelda is loving her new set of legs!”

Carmel HeavenMom to Zelda

“We are really grateful for your care with Bella! She’s one of the family and your compassion but also the clarity with which you explain what needs to happen is really appreciated in the stressful moments!”

Amy Smedley Mom to Bella

“I would personally like the thank Dr. Rose and the compassionate team at VSC Sarasota. There are not enough words to describe how amazing my experience was for Riley. Warm, loving, patient, thorough and very experienced to name a few. I am very grateful for this hospital and the talented, caring veterinary professionals. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of her!”

Penny RobinsonMom to Riley

“I want to thank you and your staff so much for making my kitty, Luna, well again and for taking such good care of her. She feels so good, she’s back to her old self. I’m so happy that I have her.  She’s such a loveable cat. I would have been devastated to lose her so young. Again, thank you so much for everything!”

Terry MurphyMom to Luna

“Abby is our sweet and timid Whippet. At age ten, she developed a heart murmur and a cancerous growth on her knee. Dr. Rose performed a very good surgery to remove the growth from her knee. Now, Abby is as good as new, and she is doing great!”

Sue GordonMom to Abby

“Thank you for making me and Clohe less anxious at our appointment. I felt like we were in the best hands with Dr. Rose, Brittney, and the caring staff at Veterinary Surgery Center of Sarasota. Clohe is always scared when she is away from home, but with the help of your team, she did great while we were there. Thank you so much for taking the very best care of her!”

Mindy ChildressMom to Clohe