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Veterinary Surgery Center of Sarasota is a 5500 square foot specialty veterinary clinic dedicated to providing advanced surgical procedures, regenerative medicine, advanced imaging modalities, and physical rehabilitation. In addition to offering some of the most technologically advanced diagnostic and treatment options available in veterinary surgery, the Veterinary Surgery Center of Sarasota was designed with pets in mind. We understand that surgery can be a scary and overwhelming experience (for the pet and the owner). That is why we implemented design elements throughout our clinic based on the principles of the Fear-Free™ program. By choosing the VSC of Sarasota, you can trust that you and your pet will be in the best hands for veterinary surgical care.

Leed Inspired Hospital

In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint VSC has implemented energy efficient lighting, hospital wide recycling, use of an oxygen generator, and a water-saving cleaning system to control pathogens and environment.

Fear Free™ Hospital Design

VSC is designed to limit patient anxiety and stress with dedicated dog and cat areas, glass kennel doors for visibility, sound proof kennel enclosures conducive for rest, relaxation, and healing.

Patient Monitoring

With the most advanced technology available in patient monitoring equipment, our open-flow treatment area, the use of SmartFlow™ and hospital wide monitors listing real-time patient info, ensures patients can easily be monitored from admission to discharge.

Dedicated Sterility Zone

To minimize infection rates and ensure sterility, the operating theaters and surgical pack/preparation areas are contained in a sterile zone comparable to human hospitals.

Altro™ Walkway Flooring

VSC installed specific non-slip, textured flooring to ensure better footing for our patients. The floor is also found in our gait analysis corridor.

Digital Hospital Records

Paperless patient medical records (exam notes, anesthesia charts, medical images, etc.) are linked digitally and stored to our secure server. This improves safety and security of patient files and helps with ease of transferring records to primary veterinarians.



  • Most progressive clinic on the west coast of Florida.

At VSC our surgeons always have an eye on the horizon for new techniques, procedures, and treatment options. The field of veterinary surgery is always changing; it is our responsibility to adapt as the science and technology develops.

  • Unmatched in services and procedures offered.

VSC was started by a surgeon and day-to-day operations are overseen by a surgeon. Surgery is what we do, day in, day out. We offer more orthopedic and soft-tissue procedures than any other specialty hospital, many of which are only offered in the state at the University of Florida.

  • Only facility with 2 board certified surgeons trained in small animal medicine.

Two heads are better than one, especially in surgery. As the only facility in Sarasota with two board certified surgeons, our team is able to improve patient care by having varying opinions on challenging cases.

  • Surgery at a human healthcare level.

Many owners are not aware of the level that veterinary surgery is performed at specialty veterinary hospitals. From our dedicated sterile operating theaters, pre-surgery checklists, dedicated certified technicians monitoring anesthesia on human medicine-grade monitors and anesthetic machines, extensive use of regional nerve blocks and advanced anesthesia techniques, etc… the level of surgery your pet receives is not too dissimilar to you receiving surgery!

  • Collaboration with other specialties to improve patient care.

Although we are Surgery Center and not a multi-specialty hospital, we consider surgery only part of the treatment plan for your pet. We collaborate with numerous other specialists, including other Board-certified radiologists, internists, anesthesiologists, cardiologists, nutritionists to make sure we have covered every aspect of your pet’s care. This might seem like a given but integration is not a common component of surgery performed by generalist veterinarians (even with some specialty clinics).

  • Leader in minimally invasive surgery in central Florida coast.

You will not find a veterinary facility, from Tampa to Naples that performs the number and variety of minimally invasive surgeries that VSC performs. Whether it is a minimally invasive joint surgery, thoracoscopic surgery, laparoscopic surgery, fluoroscopic fracture repairs, or endoscopic surgery, we perform more procedures than our competitors and we are always looking to improve your pet’s response to surgery.


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